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Why Choose Williams Energy?

Get the quality service you deserve!

We know you have a choice when it comes to fuel services here on the South Shore. At Williams Energy, we provide the service you can count on, service that not only attracts new customers but keeps the customers we have. Some of your neighbors have been with us for generations!

How have we done this for more than 100 years? By making service our top priority, every day. It’s what we have been doing since George Arthur Williams began the Williams Coal & Oil Company, in 1919.

Over the years, we have grown to become a full-service company that meets all of your needs.

  • As our customers have become more environmentally conscious, we began delivering Bioheat® heating oil.We are glad that we can play in a part in cleaning carbon emissions from the home heating sector.
  • Our aim is to be able to service all homes in the area, no matter the fuel source. That’s why we started to offer propane delivery as well as natural gas, propane, and electrical heating services.
  • Home heating and AC technology has been going through major changes in technological innovation and product offerings in recent years. We have stayed abreast of these changes and are able to offer the latest in HVAC products with our knowledge and continually trained staff.
  • In the spirit of offering convenience to our customers, Williams has developed a plumbing team so that all your leaking faucets, clogged drains, and gas piping, amongst other things, can be completed by the people you trust. Water heaters are an important part of every home so we have invested in training and knowledge so we can be a reliable source for water heater repair and installation.

And through the years, we have held true to the values that George A. Williams founded this company on. We treat our customers like the neighbors they are. We provide products that are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. And we are out in the community, helping raise money and support local causes.

Discover the difference a local family business can make. Become a Williams Energy customer today!

“Great company. Have been using them for over a year now and wouldn't think of switching. Get Bioheat oil delivery and have made a couple of service calls. Great prompt service. Also love that they deliver propane tanks for the grill!” Lisa K.