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How To Stay Cool For Less This Summer

Written on: June 28, 2021

money saving tips massachusettsIn the dead of summer, it’s tempting to crank the A/C here in Massachusetts – after all, few things feel better than coming home to a cool house on a hot day.

But there’s more to staying cool at home than just relying on your central air conditioner – at least if you want to keep cooling bills manageable.

Here are 8 cost-effective ways to stay cool for less as things heat up in the coming months.

  1. Block direct sunlight. Did you know that nearly one-third of the unwanted heat in your home comes through your windows? Adding reflective window treatments can lower temperatures substantially. In the long term, planting trees can provide enough shade to drop indoor temperatures by 10 degrees or more.
  2. Choose better bed linens. Cotton sheets breathe easier and stay cooler than most alternatives (especially if you dampen them – a little trick the Egyptians use to use to stay cool along the Nile). Buckwheat pillows are great, too: the space between their hulls will help dissipate your body heat – unlike conventional pillows, which retain it.
  3. Use your fans. Ceiling fans keep air moving, creating a wind chill effect throughout the house. Floor, table and box fans will help, too – especially if you put a bowl of ice in front of them (try it – It works!). Box fans can also be placed facing out your window to draw hot air out of your room. And don’t forget the exhaust fans in your bathroom, either – they’ll keep the hot, humid air from your shower from getting in the house.
  4. Keep yourself cool. Choose light-colored clothing made from lightweight, breathable fabric, drink cold drinks, and cool off with a shower or bath to stay comfortable. Keeping a bowl of cool water near your bed will give you a quick way to cool off your feet on a hot night.
  5. Sleep low – Hot air rises, so consider sleeping in lower levels in the house on especially hot nights – or move your mattress to the floor.
  6. Mind your lighting – If you’re using conventional lightbulbs, it’s like having mini space heaters all over your home: nearly 90 percent of the energy they produce is emitted as heat, not light. LEDs produce almost no heat – yet another reason to install them everywhere in your house.
  7. Limit the use of heat-producing appliances – The last thing you want to do in the summer is turn on a 400-degree oven or run a clothes dryer. Break out that grill and clothesline!
  8. Maintain your air conditioner – Let’s face it: there will be times that no amount of spritzing and cold drinks will keep Massachusetts heat and humidity at bay. On those days, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning is working as effectively, efficiently, and reliantly as possible.

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