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Single-Speed vs. Variable Speed Furnace Blowers

Written on: December 4, 2019

Are you searching for a new furnace this winter? Or are you unsure about what type of furnace you even own? Maybe you have never even heard of the terms “single-speed” or “variable speed” for furnaces. You might be wondering what the difference between the two types are, as well as which one is better than the other.  

Either way, you will want to find the best furnace for your house that will keep you warm throughout the winter. The last thing you want is to purchase a furnace, only to find yourself freezing throughout the winter months!

In this article, we will explain the difference between the two types of furnaces while also discussing the pros and cons of each of them. 

General Information

Both of these terms refer to the blower motor. A blower motor simply pushes heated air through the furnace’s vents. 

Older systems are typically single-speed, meaning that they run at the same heat capacity at all times. Newer systems run at variable speeds, so there are a number of blower motor speed settings users can choose from. 

Single-Speed Furnace

Single-speed furnaces tend to be cheaper than variable speed systems. They are also easier to set up and can be installed in almost any setting. Because most traditional furnaces are single-speed, technicians tend to have more experience performing repair work and maintenance on them. 

That being said, their lifespan is much shorter than variable speed furnaces. They usually last for 15 years. Plus, they aren’t as efficient as variable speed furnaces, as they run at full capacity. 

Variable Speed Furnace

Users can adjust a variable speed furnace’s settings so that it only runs at high capacity during the coldest parts of the winter. Their motors can also be used to remove excess humidity from the air when the temperature cools down. Compared to single speed, variable speed furnaces require six times less energy. They also last from 15 to 20 years. 

Which One is More Suitable to Your Needs?

So which one is better for you? It all boils down to your budget and your individual needs. If you want to save energy, a variable speed furnace may be a better fit for you. However, for those dealing with a tighter budget, single-speed furnaces are just as efficient as variable speed.

Deciding on a furnace shouldn’t become time-consuming. With the information in this article, as well as advice from our experts at Williams Energy, you can find the perfect furnace for your home. Contact our team today!