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The 8 Most Common Electrical Problems

Written on: January 23, 2023

Is your home’s electrical system safe?

electrical service massachusetts Having safe electrical wiring and power connections is critical to the ongoing operations of your home living. That’s why so many of your neighbors rely on Williams Energy to handle all kinds of electrical work at their homes. Whether it’s moving an outlet, renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or doing the electrical installation for an addition or an under-construction home, our electricians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Common electrical issues

At Williams Energy, our professionals have the experience to handle the full range of electrical problems, however complex. Some of the most common issues we handle include:

1. Your electrical panel needs to be replaced

Older homes may be equipped with fuse boxes, while most newer homes have circuit breaker panels. Either way, if your electrical service panel is experiencing a problem, it can affect the entire electrical wiring system throughout your home.

2. Electrical wiring fire hazards

Frayed wires, old insulation, and outdated wiring practices can all pose a fire hazard. Some hazards may also constitute an electrical code violation. The professionals at Williams Energy can help remedy any electrical fire hazards and get your system up to code.

3. Outdated receptacles or outlets

Older model electrical receptacles may lack the safety features that are recommended today. Ungrounded receptacles, for instance, have only two prongs and no alternative way to safely conduct any stray current.

4. Hot or loose outlets

Receptacles can also develop problems over time due to age or usage. If your outlets feel hot to the touch when in use, this could also be a sign that there’s a problem that needs to be looked at by a pro. Likewise, if plugs begin to fall out of your receptacles or have a loose fit when plugged in, you may be due for an outlet upgrade throughout your home.

5. Exposed electrical wiring

Perhaps you’ve had a remodeling project and removed walls or features, leaving wiring exposed after the renovation. While it may not be an emergency, leaving wiring exposed can leave it vulnerable to getting bumped out of place, or wearing down or fraying over time. Someone could also be shocked if the wiring is reachable.

6. Inadequate surge protection

Surge protection is important, especially since you may not be in control. There’s no telling when a weather event or utility work on the electric lines could cause an unexpected surge that could damage not only your appliances and electronics but also your home’s own electrical wiring.

7. Too few outlets available

Overloading your outlets with extension cords and overlapping plugs can be dangerous, especially if you’re not using high-quality, thick cords.

8.No GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters)

These types of outlets are a modern solution to reducing electrical shocks in areas close to water sources, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, or outside. CFCIs are capable of shutting down the electrical current in as little as 4 milliseconds, preventing deadly shocks.

Generator installation for peace of mind

Any time of year the weather can be unpredictable and threatening. We see thunderstorms in the summer and nor’easters in the winter, and either one can cause you to lose power in your home.

We sell and install quality, reliable standby generators that will power what you need. A whole-house generator can keep your home safe and comfortable. It will not only keep the lights on but the refrigerator running and the HVAC system going. It will also power your necessary electronics so that you can work remotely, stay in contact with the outside world, and keep the kids entertained.

Williams Energy has the skilled electricians you can trust!

When it comes to electrical work, you can rely on the same company that delivers all your other home energy products and energy services, Williams Energy!

For more than 100 years, Williams Energy has been serving the homes and businesses of the South Shore. We are known for dependable heating oil and propane delivery, prompt and courteous service, and expert equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs. We also do plumbing and electrical work, so we make taking care of your home easy! No home electrical job is too big or too small for us! Contact us today and get a FREE estimate!