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How to Change Out a Grill Tank

Written on: June 26, 2023

Always have propane for your grill with our Tanks to You bottle exchange!

gas tank refill Hingham, ma Will you be hosting the Fourth of July cookout this year? In that case, you may be making a to-do list which can include buying burgers, hot dogs, rolls, coleslaw, condiments, paper plates, etc.

However, don’t forget to add one more item to your list: getting a full propane grill tank from Williams Energy!

Our Tanks to You bottle exchange makes it easy as pie to always have propane when you want to grill, have a fire in your propane firepit or outdoor fireplace, use an insect trap to keep mosquitoes away, and more, with our Tanks to You bottle exchange and refill services.

How does Tanks to You work?

Williams Energy takes all the work and hassle out of getting a full propane cylinder. No more schlepping the tank to and from the car. No more driving around looking for an exchange station.
Tanks to You bottle exchange is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Use our online form to schedule a tank exchange.
  2. A contactless delivery will be made within two business days. You don’t even need to be home! We’ll drop off your cylinder in a safe place that’s accessible for our delivery drivers.
  3. Need your cylinder disconnected from your grill or other outdoor propane appliance? Just let us know when you schedule your delivery and our delivery drivers will disconnect the old tank and connect the new, full one for you!

At Tanks to You, you can both exchange your empty propane tank for a full one and purchase a full propane grill tank. It’s common for people to prefer having a second full tank as a backup.

Want a full grill tank fast? You can also bring your empty cylinder to our Braintree or Marshfield office to get a quick, easy propane tank refill.

How to remove an empty propane tank from the grill

Make sure your grill is turned off and the valve on the current propane grill tank is closed before disconnecting it from the grill.

How to connect the full tank to your grill

To connect your new tank to the grill, follow these steps: First, place the new cylinder into the storage compartment and use the restraining bolt (if available) to secure it. Then, attach the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve and turn it all the way to the right until it’s fully tightened.

There’s one more thing to do: a link test. Here’s what to do:

Ready for the best propane cylinder service on the South Shore? Contact Williams Energy for our Tanks to You bottle exchange!